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Players from York and Fulford make the most of a gap in the showers!

A few of our ladies teams are participating in some winter friendly matches.

Captains can organise matches between themselves and can play them in any format which they agree. It can be a great opportunity to give club members some match experience and also to meet players from various divisions.

It would appear that York enjoyed the winter sunshine a little more than Fulford today, coming out as 66-42 winners!






If any of you are wanting to play any friendly matches over the Autumn and Winter months against other clubs, please see the list below for interested teams.

It is up to captains to contact one another and arrange games between themselves which can be in any format, no set fixtures or league, play as little or as often as you want.

I won’t publish captain’s contact details here on the web site, but if you are interested and haven’t got them, please drop me a line (



TEAM                                             LEVEL                                         

YORK                                          DIVISION 1/CLUB

FULFORD 1/2                             DIVISION  1/2

BISHOPTHORPE                        DIVISION 1/5

WIGGINTON                               DIVISION 2

RUFFORTH                                DIVISION 2

FULFORD 3                               DIVISION 6

POPPLETON 3                           DIVISION 6

HEWORTH                                 DIVISION 5

ROWNTREE PARK                    DIVISION 3


Although we don’t  run a winter league, if anyone would like to play a match against another club over the winter months, please e mail with your details and I’ll share them between interested parties so that you can arrange a game between yourselves. This would be entirely for fun and no official rules would apply with regards to how many players you field, whether they are eligible or how many games you play, that would be down to the two captains to agree.

So if the Weather decides to brighten up and you fancy a bit of exercise over the festive period, drop me a line!